Kathryn Lindsay
August 19, 2015 11:28 am

First jeans, now Snapchat? Moms are truly taking over. But in the case of Snapchat, this could be a blessing in disguise. How many times have you scrolled past baby pictures on Facebook, wondering why you were looking at the child of your friend’s mom’s sister eating cereal for the first time? Now, new and old moms alike have a new outlet for their photos, somewhere more private where nobody has to respond.

This realization comes after Snapchat has started popping up on prominent lifestyle blogs run by new and experienced mothers. Love Taza, once such “mommy blog,” wrote on her most recent Instagram, “[T]here’s more from our day over on my snapchat (WHAT), which I’m trying out for a little while although I’m still not totally sold on it all.”

It’s a new way to share those adorable baby photos, except only with the people who you know will find them adorable. You can view what you want to view, and ignore that stories that you’re not so interested in. It’s also not a big show. Snapchat doesn’t require any coo-ing or aww-ing, you can choose to respond if you have something to say, but in the world of Snapchat etiquette, not responding to a cool photo isn’t any kind of snub.

So, new moms are getting the hang of the app, but what about your mom? Surely, the biggest fear is that once parents get on the app, they’ll use it to monitor what their kids are doing. Luckily, you just have to keep an eye on your story. Your normal snaps back-and-forth to friends don’t have to change. But if you’re super nervous, you can always do what BuzzFeed did, and try this.

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