Emma Lord
Updated Mar 30, 2015 @ 10:02 am

It’s been over a year since Frozen was released, so it’s no wonder that we’re all itching for Disney to roll out a new princess yesterday. You asked, and they delivered: and this time with an extra punch to boot. The next Disney princess is Star Butterfly, and she’ll be Star-ing (please don’t hate me for that) in the upcoming animated Disney XD series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. And unlike princesses of the past, Star seems to have taken after the new age of butt-kicking princesses, because she spends the better part of the show battling villains in the multi-verse.

In the show, Star is just like any other 14-year-old high schooler trying to keep up her seemingly endless homework load — except for the fact that she also happens to be a princess from another dimension, sent down to Earth to live with the Diaz family after some shenanigans in her home world. She and the Diaz’s son Marco team up to take on whatever evil comes their way while still managing to skid into their desks before the tardy bell.

The new Disney princess will be voiced by Eden Sher, who you might recognize as the lovably adorkable Sue Heck in the television show The Middle. She said that at first the voice work was a challenge, because she’d never worked in animation and wasn’t entirely sure of the energy levels that the producers expected from her.

“I really thought, when I went in to record the voice for Star, that I couldn’t be any crazier than I am with Sue. I was wrong,” Eden said in a statement to the Columbus Dispatch. “I went into the recording session around Sue level, thinking I could tone it down. But they wanted more than Sue’s level of energy. I remember that cracking me up because it was as if I had no censor.”

The first episode is set to air on Disney XD tonight at 8PM, so start popping your popcorn and get ready to fall in love with this sassy new princess!

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