Kayleigh Roberts
April 03, 2015 1:49 pm

Katy Perry’s Super Bowl half-time show was epic. She rode in on a giant horse. She made our greatest KatyCat dreams come true with a perfect medley of her biggest hits. She slayed the Super Bowl and we were all left in awe.

Of course, Katy wasn’t the only one who had a lot of buzz after half-time show. The most discussed part of the show (other than Katy’s epic awesomeness, of course) was Left Shark. Left Shark became a GIF star overnight, after seemingly-forgoing any planned choreography to dance to its own beat. Left Shark is a meme, an Internet celebrity and some might even say an American hero (okay, I don’t know if anyone is actually saying that).

Left Shark has already been immortalized in countless GIFs and even a tattoo (that’s some serious Left Shark fandom). Now, Left Shark has become an actual (and edible) work of art, thanks to 13-year-old Peep Wizard Sydney Blacksten.

Sydney created a 6-foot (!!!) replica of Left Shark as her entry for this year’s Carroll County Arts annual PEEPshow. It will be on display at the delicious art show until April 6. Sydney told the Huffington Post that she used 532 marshmallow peeps to create her version of Left Shark, including a bunch of white, Mystery Peeps (a flavor sold exclusive at WalMart, which has to make Sydney one of the chain’s most valued customers). 

And this isn’t Sydney’s first time at the Peep-art rodeo. She’s entered this contest for the last five years and says she almost sculpted Mickey Mouse this year until Left Shark wowed her (along with the rest of the world) at the Super Bowl. “He was a really cool thing,” she told HuffPost. As for 2016’s contest, Sydney hasn’t decided what to make yet. Personally, I’m hoping she’s inspired by another amazing pop culture phenomenon we don’t even know exists yet because this is ah-mazing.

(Images via here and here.)