Rachel Paige
June 29, 2015 7:58 am

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily (along with Mona and their new found friend, Sara) might be out of A’s Dollhouse, but their problems are far from over. Pretty Little Liars continues to shock us during this sixth season, and in Tuesday’s episode the girls head back to one of the scariest places yet, Radley Sanitarium. And when the Liars go knocking on its door, they will in fact find someone inside: Sia’s mini-me and powerhouse dancer, Maddie Ziegler!

Ziegler’s role on the show was teased earlier this year, and while we still don’t know exactly who Maddie will be portraying, we do know one thing  — we do know she’s going to get creepy.

Radley was shut down at the beginning of the PLL season (reason: unknown, which is highly suspicious) but the Liars have to head back to the deserted mental institution to get to the bottom of the great, big, A mystery. Inside, that’s where they find little Ziegler. Judging from the promo released for the episode, “She’s No Angel,” Ziegler could be a long-lost patient. Or a ghost. Or a zombie. Or a figment of Spencer’s imagination since she has turned back to popping pills (Spencer! You’re better than that!).

Ziegler’s appearance also leads to dancing, naturally. Choreographer Travis Wall put together a dance for Ziegler, and according to her it’ll be “something so cool but creepy at the same time.” She also just told 17 Magazine that what she does might be surprising.

“It’s different than what most people would think I’d be doing on the show as a little girl,” she explains, “Obviously the show’s creepy though so it fits in.”

When it comes to PLL, everything is highly unexpected. And sometimes crazy. But we love it either way, and we’re totally going to love Ziegler, even if she ends up freak us out a little bit.

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