Kathryn Lindsay
April 18, 2015 1:26 pm

Let’s just take a second to get really, really honest: Directioners cannot handle anymore heartache. After Zayn’s recent departure, we all need some time to heal and cling to our remaining 1D boys. But, we have to admit, we’ve all been wondering what will become of the rest of the group since Zayn’s exit. It turns out that there are going to be some more changes — but in this case, it’s the good kind of change. Louis Tomlinson, who has a reputation as being the “business-minded” one in the group, is starting his own record label with Sony. This is something he’s super excited about, and so are we! He told The Sun:

In fact, he already has. Jack Walton, an X-Factor finalist in 2014, is the first to join forces with the label. Jack was voted off of the show in early November, much to the surprise of everyone who had been watching it, but it seems like bigger and better things are coming his way. After all, One Direction didn’t win X-Factor either. Besides, Louis wants to make sure that everything goes perfectly. He told Billboard:

In terms of the rest of the band, I don’t think we have to worry about the safety of One Direction any time soon. The group is still on tour this summer, and even after Zayn’s departure, he still refers to the boys as “four of the best guys [he’s] ever met.” Louis’s news is just the next step in the band’s adventure, and we hope there are many more to come!

PS. Word on the street has it that he’s also looking to sign a girl band in the near future — so does anyone know how to play the guitar??