Kayleigh Roberts
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 11:47 am
Credit: Disney

By now, you’d have to be living under a rock (not even just a proverbial rock, a literal rock), not to know that Mulan is the next classic Disney animated movie in line to get the live action treatment. Cinderella was a massive box office success and Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson is pretty much guaranteed to smash records. Mulan is a strong leading lady and her movie is actually completely packed with action, which will be all the more apparent when it’s made with real humans.

We can’t wait for either of Disney’s upcoming live action adaptations and we’re sure more are coming (they’re hugely successful and the Internet is collectively dying of excitement over the very idea — how could Disney not make more?). But just in case the big wigs at Disney need a little help deciding on which of their classics to take out of the vault and into flesh-and-bone real life movie magic next, here are our top 10 picks.


If we’re going purely by beloved Disney movies, Aladdin has to be near the top of anyone’s list for the live-action treatment. Can you imagine seeing the magic carpet ride or Cave of Wonders scenes in live action? I’m having the most glorious nostalgia pangs just thinking about it.

The Little Mermaid

We know Sofia Coppola is working on a live action Little Mermaid, but she’s sticking to the original tale, which is more heartbreaking than the Disney version and truer to the original fairytale. Luckily, we love this tale enough to see both versions, should Disney jump on a live-action adaptation. Yes, it will require some CGI wizardry to make the underwater scenes work, but it will worth the effort to see Arial come to life. And you know, maybe Disney could take this opportunity to fill in that major plot hole a fan recently found.

Snow White

Snow White is the classic Disney princess and a modern, live-action reboot is just what she needs to welcome her to the 21st century. If you loved the new Cinderella, you’d surely love Snow White, too.

Alice in Wonderland

No, not like the Tim Burton reimagining, which placed Alice back in Wonderland after years and years away. We want to see a live action version of Alice’s original trip to Wonderland, and maybe a sequel showing her adventures from Through the Looking Glass.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan has just enough magic and whimsy and just enough adventurous realism to make it a perfect candidate for a live-action adaptation. It’s been done live action several times, but a version that mirrors the classic animated film would be so magically delightful.


This would just be epic and beautiful and would probably win an Academy Award for Best Cinematography, if done right. DO IT, DISNEY. Please!


Tangled isn’t that old, but a live-action take on Rapunzel’s tale would be incredible and Disney’s version of the story was hilarious and heartfelt all at the same time. The biggest challenge here: Finding a leading man who can capture Flynn’s famous smolder.


Hercules is a great hero and everything, but the character we’re really excited to see in flesh and bone on the big screen is Meg, the first Disney leading lady to decry that she didn’t need love. She’s sassy and smart and might have been a little ahead of her time when the animated movie was released in 1997. We think she’d find lots of love (from appreciative young feminist fans) today though.


This is another one that would be cool to see done right just for the epic action of it. In the animated movie, Tarzan seems to skate along the trees and vines of the jungle. How would that work in a live action movie? I don’t know, but I’m kind of dying to find out.


Yes, Frozen is super recent, but if Disney makes all of the movies we’re suggesting in this list, plus the ones they already have planned, we’re looking at a solid 15 years before they get around to the Frozen remake, which is plenty of time for Frozen fatigue to thaw and Frozen fever to set back in.

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