Sophie Carter-Kahn
Updated April 20, 2015

Beauty and the Beast is many Gigglers’ favorite Disney movie — holla back if you identified hardcore with Belle’s love of books — and we literally cannot wait to see the live-action version. Plus, Dan Stevens is WAY more handsome than the movie version of Prince Adam. (Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes. Or take a look at this DISH right here!)

But this week, “Youtubesicals” creators and brothers Antonius and Vijay Nazareth (aka AVbyte) have shown us the error of our ways. How could we forget about Ariel, the OP (Original Princess) of the Disney Renaissance of the ’90s?

Check out their version of Ariel, who’s waiting not-so-patiently for her own live-action remake.

Their version of Ariel makes some good arguments. Ursula would be totally awesome in a live-action version, and I’m getting pumped just thinking about all the fun scenes — the romantic lagoon, that fish orchestra, the murderous cook, the underwater chorus of mermaid sisters!

But for now, Ariel will have to keep waiting to be part of that world. At least she has the Oscars and Grammys that the original film won … and the Broadway version … and a super goofy Hipster Ariel meme … and arguably the most enviable hair of all the princesses.

You know what, Ariel? I think you’re fine for a bit. Keep on rockin’ the ocean, girl!

(Images from here, here, here, here, and here.)