Beauty routines can be mundane—so here’s a life lesson for each of our most channeling ones.

Curling Naturally-Straight Hair With patience comes something extraordinary that will probably fall out within the next two hours—but you can enjoy the moment, right?

Wearing Brightly-Colored Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, or Lipstick At first you feel nervous, but then you go out and you feel awesome and you learn that taking a risk can seriously pay off.

Fitting Your Hair Into an Updo Even if it feels like it’s falling apart, you can accomplish your goals eventually.

Chopping Your Hair Off There’s no need to hold on to parts of your life that are dead.

Wearing Leggings As Pants Having nothing to hide is very freeing. (Especially your gorgeous thighs. Dang girl, are you Beyoncé?)

Wearing Whatever the Heck You Want, Doing However Much or However Little Makeup You Want, Styling Your Hair So It Is Pleasing to You You have every right to be happy with the way you look. Anyone who tells you otherwise (and is not assigning a non-discriminating work or school dress code) is wrong. You are beautiful no matter what. And you absolutely rock at being you.