Kathryn Lindsay
October 27, 2015 3:24 pm

This seems like the opposite of good sportsmanship: An Iowa teen was disqualified from a big race because he…helped another runner cross the finish line? Zach Hougland, who won the district cross country championship, spotted another runner lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

“I see this kid,” explains Hougland to WHO-TV. “He’s like dying and whatnot, and he’s about ready to fall.” So he did what any good person would do. He went over and helped the poor kid up and to the finish line.

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This small but objectively commendable act was the downfall of both runners. Iowa state athletic rules prohibit helping or receiving help from another runner. Both participants were disqualified.

Luckily, Hougland has a good attitude:

Obviously, that’s what’s most important, but that hasn’t stopped other people from rallying behind him to get him back the title he deserves.

We hope the decision gets reversed as well, but either way, Hougland will always be a winner to us.

(Image via Facebook)