Kathryn Lindsay
Updated July 28, 2015 9:20 am

John Green would like to make it very clear that he has no control over casting when it comes to the movie versions of his films. With two under his belt (The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns —in theaters now!) it’s no wonder that he’s getting so much media attention, including getting caught up in rumors. The most recent being that he was planning to case Taylor Swift in the upcoming Looking For Alaska adaptation. That would be AWESOME, but it’s not true.

After Tay tweeted about how much she loved the recent Paper Towns movie, Access Hollywood spoke to John Green about their mutual affection for each other — and if he’d ever cast her in Looking for Alaska. He responded with, “It’s not my decision who to cast. I do like Taylor Swift a lot, I’m a big Taylor swift fan,” going on to joke that she should just play every role in the film.

Welp, you can probably guess what happened. Just take a look at this Twitter exchange:

For John Green, this has been a misconception that’s been haunting him for some time. Just after the release of The Fault In Our Stars, he answered this question on his official website:

Despite this, with every adaptation, he’s been bombarded with requests, questions and sometimes even criticism when it comes to the casting — which he has no control over. After this most recent rumor, he took things up a notch. He changed his Twitter bio (gasp!):

Alright, everyone. I think we got it. John Green does not cast movies…but if he wanted to write his next book about Taylor Swift, we’d all be super happy — but don’t start that rumor!

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