Rachel Paige
Updated July 15, 2015 4:21 am

Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift text each other. I mean, of course they text each other. Is this really a surprise? More than likely their texts are a lot of food emojis, but then these two powerful ladies get down to business and start texting about important things. Like, how Swift is a #BOSS.

Over the weekend at Comic-Con, Lawrence was interviewed again and again about The Hunger Games and X-Men (not that we’re complaining). One interviewer with Extra TV also happened to touch on Lawrence’s crusade against the unfair pay gap in Hollywood. As she tells Lawrence, “between you and Taylor Swift I feel like you young ladies are changing the game in many ways…”

That’s when Lawrence let it slips that Taylor is a “badass” for that letter she wrote to Apple against their unfair no-artist-pay-for-three-months platform with Apple Music. A letter, that got Apple to reverse that no-pay clause.

“I texted her,” Lawrence says, “And was like, ‘you’s a badass b*tch.’ She’s awesome.”

We second that. Swift is awesome, and so is Lawrence, too. No word on what Swift replied back with for that comment, but let’s take a guess that it was the cat with hearts for eyes. That’s how we feel about these two all the time—and it’s awesome to see two powerful ladies supporting each other for being strong and in control of their lives.

You can check out Lawrence’s entire interview below, and not only does she gush about Swift, she also fangirls out about Harry Potter. One of our favorite ladies talking about two of our favorite things.

(Image via Facebook.)