Lilian Min
Updated Apr 28, 2015 @ 2:58 pm

The xx seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate the music scene in 2009. First album xx and its follow-up Coexist are filled with poignant, lo-fi jams like Crystalised, Shelter, and Angels, and even if you didn’t listen to their excellent atmospheric music, you’d recognize their prominent stylized x logo anywhere (especially on social media.)

One of the many reasons behind their success: Jamie xx, the producer whose beats provided the base of The xx’s sound. His new solo album, In Colour, is coming out on June 1st, and what we’ve heard so far is amazing — bass that drills to the core of your ear, intricate beats layered over and under each other. One standout track is Gosh, which turns a sampled “Oh my gosh” into a bombastic bloom of sound.

With that in mind, xx dropped the video for the song, and it’s a breathtaking meditation on space and place. It starts with a slow focus onto a planet, and slowly morphs into a more intense look at both the planet and the surrounding effects of time. If you’re thinking, “Interstellar?”, you’re not wrong — sure, the video doesn’t recreate a black hole, but it brings out the wonder inherent in space.

The Hubble Telescope just wrapped up its 25th anniversary, so you’ll forgive us if we have space on the brain. Take a watch below, and try not to be blown away.

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