Christina Wolfgram
April 15, 2015 1:39 pm

Which app do you open on your phone first: Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? Maybe you recently downloaded Snapchat and can’t wait to send a selfie to your BFFs. All of these apps essentially do the same thing: keep us in contact with each other. But which one would you say is most important to you?

Yesterday, a survey by Piper Jaffray—an investment banking firm that specializes in research on teen spending—revealed that 32% of teenagers consider Instagram their most important social network.

Twitter came in second place almost 10% behind Instagram—that’s a big difference! Basically, Instagram racked up more votes than Cady Heron running for Spring Fling Queen. So fetch.

Instagram’s popularity rose 15% since Spring 2013 when the app was only 17% of teen’s favorite social media platform. On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook lost support over the past two years. In Spring 2013, Facebook was top dog at 33%, but this year only 14% of those polled consider their newsfeeds M.V.P. (Most Valuable Platform).

This was the first year that Snapchat was included in the study and the photo-sharing app already beat out Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest, debuting in fourth place. In fact, Snapchat is right on Facebook’s tail with only a 1% difference between them. By next year, Ghostface Chillah (Snapchat’s cute ghost mascot) might win the bronze.

Piper Jaffray releases research like this twice a year in their “Taking Stock With Teens Survey.” The survey shows what teens are buying, where they are buying it, and where they look for inspiration, which is where social media comes in. Investors on Wall Street use the study’s information to make decisions about stock buying and trading. The entire presentation is available online, and may interest any of you future accountants out there.

(Images via Facebook and Piper Jaffray)