Kayleigh Roberts
Updated Mar 16, 2015 @ 11:14 am

If you have any friends that own at Snapchat, like really, really own at it, then you know the glory of a truly perfect Snapchat. But what if some of the greatest literary minds of all time had been around to wow us with pithy, disappearing picture + caption combos? With a little imagination, we have our answer: It would be completely amazing.

BuzzFeed imagined what kinds of puns and fun literature’s biggest heavyweights would put into the temporary-sharing app and the results are all kinds of incredible. Check it out:

Edgar Allan Poe

Name puns. There would definitely be lots of name puns.

Emily Dickinson

Also lots of punctuation puns. As you do.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Of course there would have to be some animal humor. These authors are famous, but they’re still human.

William Shakespeare

Shakespearean Snapchat doodles? Yes, please.

Joseph Heller

Proof that everyone in the history of ever would be a Taylor Swift fan.

Lewis Carroll

Keep it PG, Carroll. Keep it PG.

William Faulkner

So basically, we’re learning that our favorite authors would be just as immature as us sometimes, but, you know, that’s what would make them Snapchat experts.