Rachel Paige
July 13, 2015 7:11 am

Nina Dobrev gracefully bowed out of The Vampire Diaries at the end of last season, so when we return to Mystic Falls this year, things are going to be very different. What’s it going to be like without Elena? How is everyone going to feel without Elena around? At Comic-Con over the weekend, the cast of The Vampire Diaries took to the stage without Dobrev, and it was definitely different. That’s actually the word they used to describe life without her and Elena around, “different.” However, it’s being hinted that it might not be different for long.

The end of Season 6 of TVD saw Elena placed in a prolonged sleep — she’s not dead, she’s just asleep. She’s also going to stay asleep until Bonnie dies, seeing as how the two girls were supernaturally linked, and they both can’t be alive at the same time. Ugh, those pesky spells. So we repeat: Elena’s not dead. Just taking a really long nap. Seeing how she’s not dead, that opens the door for her to come back, which Damon Salvatore is quick to point out.

Talking to Extra, Ian Somerhalder explained that, even though she’s gone from the show, she’s still very much there, once again echoing, “she’s not dead.” He added, “In 70 years, or however long Bonnie lives, Elena will resurface at some point, although we’ll be very old when that happens.” Anyone up for a TVD flash forward into the future?

Others at Comic-Con echoed that, too. Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, mentioned that Elena’s sleep is “a really clever way to keep Elena there and keep her presence there and keep the door open in a lot of ways to have her come back.” The key phrase there is, come back.

If you need more reassurance that we’ll see Elena back at some point (and hopefully not 70 years later), TVD creator Julie Plec said that she doesn’t “foresee the show ending after next season,” saying that she has “more story to tell, and this gorgeous family that’s not ready to split up next season.” If the show continues on for two, three more seasons Elena’s got to come back at some point. We’ll wait.

(Image via The CW)