high school

Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, just won Christmas. I know, I know. Christmas isn’t exactly a competitive situation, but if it were, this school would rule. 43 Notre Dame HS film students (including YouTube star Mikey Murphy) put together a lip dub video to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, and EPIC doesn’t even begin to describe it.

High school hasn’t looked so musical (and so totally awesome) since Glee. This is a production, guys. It’s got everything: a giant Nutcracker, balloons, plaid onesies, at least six Santas, enormous candy canes, streamers, two different versions of Buddy the Elf, what looks like ten tons of confetti and just about every ugly Christmas sweater in the known universe. I’m pretty sure I also saw a guy wearing an actual blazer made from snowman fleece. A blazer, guys. (Are ugly Christmas blazers a thing? They are now, apparently.)

Aside from being just about the most Christmassy thing we’ve ever set our eyes on, we’re also blown away by the way this video embraces EVERYONE at the school. The Spanish club, the cheerleaders, academic clubs, sports teams, the dance team, differently-abled students, the faculty…even the alumni. It’s one big all-inclusive Christmas party. And we’re loving it. Put on your ugliest Christmas sweater and check it out. We dare you not to sing along:

(Image and video via YouTube.)