This awesome high school gives out free pads and tampons to girls in need

Remember back when teen Jose Garcia called upon his male peers to carry around pads and tampons so girls are never caught in a lurch? This New York high school is taking that to the next level by providing tampons and pads for free. Now, students of the High School for Arts and Business in Queens can head to the first floor bathroom the next time their monthly visitor hits them a little unexpectedly.

The school is participating in a pilot program created by health care company Hospeco. If all goes well, they hope to expand the program to other schools across the city and state.

This isn’t just about realizing you don’t have a tampon in your bag when you need one, although that is annoying. Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland started advocating for the program when she found out that some people end up staying home when they’re on their period, sometimes because they can’t afford to purchase the products needed to deal with that time of the month. This new program not only means they get the products they need, but also that no student will have to miss out on their education simply for having a uterus.

Unsurprisingly, it’s already a hit. Seventeen-year-old Aracely Osorio told DNAinfo, “It is kind of annoying to carry around ask someone for a pad, and you have to slip it out of class.” Celine Sierra agrees, adding, “Now that we have this in the bathroom, it just makes life 100 times better.”

Even those who don’t get their period agree: It’s about time. Thomas Allen, 16, explained, “It’s a good thing for them. We already have the convenience of everything we need. It’ll help a lot of young ladies when they don’t have what they need on them.”

We certainly hope so, and we hope to see these machines in all schools as soon as possible!

(Image via Shutterstock.)

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