Rachel Paige
May 02, 2015 12:51 pm

Princess Ariel will forever be our little mermaid, but what about Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana as mermaids, too? That’s what Tumblr user TheNamelessDoll, a digital illustrator from Europe, did when she started imagining our favorite princesses under the sea.

Her results are amazing, and now we’re getting major underwater hair envy from every single princess we see — that used to be reserved for only Ariel. The best thing about these pictures is that TheNamelessDoll didn’t just illustrate them, but took it a step further and made them all GIFs. We are totally mesmerized by these completely magical creations. Check them out:






She also did an amazing job pairing the girls’ fins and matching sea shells top. Now, even under water, the princesses are wearing the colors we best associate them with. Belle’s golden yellow mermaid ensemble is absolutely incredible.


Sleeping Beauty

Absolutely amazing, and hopefully we’ll see a few more princess from here, too (like where’s my favorite, Rapunzel??) These princesses are all over the place now, and we love it. They’ve also tackled real-life hair creations and red carpet styles, along with being Mean Girls Where do you think they’ll end up next?

(Images via TheNamelessDoll/tumblr.)