While you might be itching to get out of school for the summer, some of our favorite Disney Princesses are dressed up and ready to go back. Tumblr artist Punziella (real name, Pauline) has taken four of our favorite princesses — Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa — and styled them in amazing back-to-school fashion. How far do you think it is to Arendelle, because I want to raid Anna’s closet.

Punziella has got two distinct ways to style these girls. First, there’s the recreation of them plucked right out of their movies. She’s re-dressed them head to toe in amazing outfits that need to be available for purchase online. Gone are their long purple, green, green-ish and sparkly blue dresses, replaced instead with styles that match their princess personality. Who knew Merida was a huge Ramones fan?

Rapunzel, meanwhile, can never leave the house without a flower crown.

Elsa looks stunning in lace.

And Anna has the cutest up-do and the cutest statement necklace (OK, everything about her is just all-around cute).

Punzilla also has a series of sketches called College AU, which breaks down their wardrobe choices in adorable little drawings. Each princess not only has what they wear to classes each day, but then what they change into each night. Rapunzel still has flowers in her hair.

Merida’s on her phone non-stop, so I imagine she’s always texting her mom.

Elsa’s signature look is icy blue with bright red lipstick.

And Anna — as always — is adorable no matter what she’s wearing.

You can check out more of Punziella’s images here! And don’t forget the time we sent the Disney Princesses back to school as Mean Girls.

Image via here.