Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Aug 01, 2015 @ 7:42 am

It’s the little things that really make all the difference. Twitter is swapping out the stars for hearts when it comes to “favoriting” tweets on iOS. It makes sense. With popular apps like Instagram also using hearts to indicated likes, nix-ing the stars keeps things cohesive across social media.

Twitter also thinks this update will make the 140-character social media service more popular, as explained in a memo written by Twitter investor Chris Sacca:

Here’s what it looks like:

Select Android users have already had glimpses of this change since June, sometimes in their notifications, sometimes directly on their feed, but the fact that this little tweak has stuck around means that it might be here to stay.

If you’re upset that you’re not seeing the loving new fave icon, it’s nothing personal. These Twitter tests always happen on a few users at a time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t making a giant impact:

As with all updates, there are bound to be people who aren’t a fan of this switch, but I, for one, think it’s cute. When you want to let someone know that you like their Tweet, wouldn’t you rather give them some love than a gold star? It will make your feed look so much sweeter when it’s sprinkled with hearts, so much so that I’ll probably spread the love a little more than I normally would. All the favs.

(Images via here and here)