Rachel Paige
Updated May 16, 2015 @ 3:21 pm

Attention all world citizens, specifically One Direction fans: a tiny Harry Styles has been discovered. The 1D crooner, known for his style, swagger, and hair, has a two-year old doppelganger because sometimes the world is a marvelous place. It’s especially marvelous today, now that we’ve got a pint-sized Harry in our midst. And yes, don’t worry, Li’l Harry can rock a man bun, too.

Michael Rangamiz is half-Iranian, half-Russian, and fully adorable. According to his Instagram, which is run by his mom, friend started telling her that the toddler looked a little bit like Harry. Taking that idea and running with it, mom started dressing him in outfits just like the rocker — skinny jeans, aviator sunglasses, bandanas. The only thing Michael’s missing are a few tattoos, but you know, he’s two. We’ll let that slide considering he’s gotten everything else about Harry down to a T.

And yes, Michael’s man bun (or would it be a toddler bun?) is on point.

Michael’s even managed to capture the same, “ugh, paparazzi?” face. And look at the way he’s clutching that iPhone! Think he was just interrupted while trying to upload an important black and white picture to Instagram?

There aren’t reports of tiny little Louis, Liam, or Nialls… yet. We’ll keep an eye out in the Internet in case any of their doppelgangers should show up. Then, we can completely our toddler One Direction collection. Even without the other band mates, from this day forward the world is hereby GREAT.

(Images via here.)