Lilian Min
February 17, 2015 12:13 pm

Time Turners, Ollivanders wands, chocolate frogs — the world of Harry Potter introduced us to so many amazing magical items, and one of them has provided the best school project inspiration ever. And no, Hogwarts isn’t the school we’re talking about. One very creative Muggle had a monstrously (pun totally intended) great, HP-inspired idea.

Remember Hagrid’s first year teaching Care of Magical Creatures, when his required reading for all students was The Monster Book of Monsters, a ferocious, fanged book that could only be read after you stroked its furry spine?

Well, for her senior thesis about Harry Potter, redditor RockerOfTheSocks carried the theme over into her packaging — with a Monster Book of Monsters-inspired book cover. It only makes sense to take your thesis theme to heart, but we (and hopefully her advisor) think she went above and beyond. Sure, her version of the book is definitely a lot more cuddly than the original, but would you really want your big school project to attack the person who’s grading it?

Want to make your own Monster Book of Monsters book cover? YouTube is full of tutorials on the subject, but keep in mind that this kind of packaging only really works for a Harry Potter-related project, and gets best results if the teacher grading the project is a fellow Potterhead. Your English book report on The Prisoner of Azkaban? Start stocking up on crafts. Your chemistry lab report? Maybe stick with a 12 pt. Times New Roman title page.

To borrow some more from the wizarding world, here’s hoping RockerOfTheSocks gets an O for Outstanding on her thesis.

(Images via here and here.)