The world needs more Harry Potter and Taylor Swift mashups, that is a fact. Thankfully, we just found a brand new one, and it’s going to quickly become one of our fave HP + TS combos to date. How can you not love a mashup where “Bad Blood” has been re-written to “Mudblood?”

YouTuber Kate Parkin has done a phenomenal job not only re-writing “Bad Blood” with Harry Potter in mind, but “Welcome To New York,” “Blank Space,” and “Shake It Off,” too. That’s still not the only magic she’s pulled off with her mashup. She sings all the roles, dressed up as Hermione, Ron, Harry, Draco, He Who Shall Not Be Named, and Luna, too. Parkin doesn’t need a Time-Turner to pull this off this wizardry, but she’s got one anyway, just in case (better safe than sorry).

My favorite verse has to be the one set to “Blank Space.” Instead of showing us incredible things, Hermione is going to show us muggle things — like toothbrushes. Get it? GET IT? Hermione’s parents are dentists! That’s pretty solid HP knowledge to weave in a tiny detail like that. While Hermione’s not singing about a long list of ex-lovers, or Starbucks-lovers, there is a long list of Horcruxes. Those are pretty insane, too.

Check out the full video below, and be prepared to hum “Welcome to Hogwarts (it’s been waiting for you!)” for the rest of the day.

(Image via YouTube)