Sophie Carter-Kahn
May 28, 2015 11:06 am

Hey, did you guys want to listen to an amazing new song from one of our favorite ladies? Oh, cool, because that’s exactly what you’re about to do. This new track from beautiful actress/fashion designer/high school graduate/singer Zendaya is your new slow jam. Listen to it whenever you want to drift away on a cloud of sweet synth beats, rain sounds, and Zendaya’s beautiful voice on the melody.

The song is part of an album called Finding Neverland, full of songs based on the show that’s currently killing it on Broadway. There’s a bunch of other songs on the album by artists like Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding, and walking set of abs Nick Jonas. The whole album drops June 9, but we’re feeling pretty #blessed to get to listen to this one right now.

For real, you guys, this song is sick. Here’s a brief list of things this song sounds like:

1. A supercut of every cinematic moment that made you cry happy tears as a child, and your tears are made of candy.

2. Swinging on a swing and getting that feeling like you’re flying and then you realize you’re actually swinging on top of a spaceship and you’re a magical astronaut.

3. Lying on the grass on a crisp night looking up at the stars, wrapped in a marshmallow blanket and also, even though you’re laying down, you know you can walk really well in heels.

4. Your first kiss with someone you really like, and it’s snowing, but the snow is made of glitter and it doesn’t get stuck in your hair at all and neither of you have braces.

5. Standing on a balcony looking at the ocean with a full moon shining above it and you’re wearing a couture dress made of bubbles and the person you like walks up beneath the balcony and says, “I think you’re right about everything you’ve ever said.”

Take a listen with the lyric video below and add to our list.

(Images via here.)