Lilian Min
Updated Aug 25, 2015 @ 12:56 pm
hair metal

When you go a music festival, the top five things you should be doing there are:

1. Listening to bands
2. Drinking lots of water!!!
3. Taking copious Instagram/Snapchat shots of said bands (no videos, right everybody?!)
4. Not eating things that will make you run to the Port-a-Potty (or do, live your best life)
5. Getting your hair done by one of the coolest salons in the world

Whoa, perhaps that last point isn’t something you’d normally consider. But attendees at FYF Fest, which rolled into Los Angeles this past weekend and brought with it FKA twigs, Morrissey, and Kanye West, got a real treat outside of the delicious tunes and eats of the festival weekend. Bleach London, the coolest salon in at least the UK, and probably all of Europe if we’re being honest, had a pop-up hair salon on the grounds, and among the elaborate braids and temporary pastel color and flower crowns, the stylists revived the next hair trend we’re crushing on hard: Hair metal.

No no, we’re not talking about that hair metal, which evokes a super appealing mixture of sweat, grease, and poof. Nor are we talking about gray and silvery hair, which mines (badum sh) its color from cool earth tones. Instead, the brilliant Bleach hair technicians embedded metal charms and piercing jewelry into attendees’ hairstyles, channeling 21st century Renaissance Fair vibes and also bringing some welcome diversity to the #hairmetal tag.

Seriously, we can’t take our eyes away from these beautifully blinged-out hairstyles:

If you’re wondering what it takes for hair metal to come together, just look at the Bleach London hair station and marvel at all the different #looks on display:

You can get the metal wrap looks yourself by ordering hair twisters, but for the less dextrous/dedicated of us, um, is there a way we can order a Bleach London pop-up for our office, or at least just one in America? Asking for a friend. In the meantime, keep vicariously styling yourself through their Instagram.

Images via Instagram.