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Updated May 09, 2015 @ 11:47 am
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Indiana teen Drew Holm wasn’t going to go to his prom. As WAVE News reports, when his great-grandmother Katie Keith grilled her great-grandson on the subject, he confessed he didn’t have a date.

“Well I’ve got a dress, I’ll go with you,” Keith joked.

Though the offer was intended as a joke, Holm thought a night of dancing with his great-grandma sounded pretty rad, and so, after getting Crothersville Junior-Senior High’s permission to waive the age limit for prom dates, Holm formally asked his great-grandmother to what would be her first prom since her own in 1940.

“I thought, ‘If that kid wants me to go to the prom that bad, I’ll go, the heck with it,’ “Keith told WAVE.

The night sounds like it went pretty awesomely. As Keith tells it, “Everybody got up, you know, and they were doing this shuffle thing, and Drew said to me, ‘Let’s dance, grandma. Will you dance?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ So him and I got out there and shuffled right along with them.”

Oh, please, please, PLEASE let this be “The Cupid Shuffle” she’s talking about. Actually, it would be equally awesome if this was the shuffle section of “Party Rock.” Either way, it sounds like the two had a prom-tastic time.

What makes this story especially sweet is that Drew actually got a girlfriend in between asking his great-grandma to prom and the night of the big dance, and he STILL took Katie Keith to the prom he promised her (he met up with his girlfriend later at the after prom).

So since Holm is a junior, would he consider taking Keith to his senior prom? He’s down, but Keith has had more than enough prom for the time being. “Enough for me. One’s enough, yes.”

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