Rachel Paige
Updated July 30, 2015 7:14 am

Well, we just found the coolest grandma to date — no offense to your own cool grandma (all grandmas are cool; it’s a fact). But now it appears as if we’ve found the one grandma who was channeling Taylor Swift’s iconic style way before Taylor Swift’s iconic style was a thing, seeing all this happened way back in the 1950s.

A Tumblr user by the name of endinburningflamesorparadise (real name: Allison) recently posted a bunch of pictures of her grandmother rocking some of the best looks from the 50s. She then placed, side-by-side, current pictures of Swift wearing the same kind of outfit. As Allison writes, “my grandma in the 50s was Taylor.” After looking them over, we’ve got to agree. Check out the images, with Allison’s grandma on the left, Swift on the right, because we’re seeing double here:

Allison writes that she recently visited with her grandmother, and learned that back in the 50s, her grandma and Swift had even more in common than just the clothing. “My grandpa (the guy in the pictures with her) and her were high school sweethearts, and he broke up with her a couple times to date other girls,” she writes, “She told me that once when they broke up she burned his picture and wrote songs about it. My grandma in the 50s was LITERALLY Taylor.”

The best part about all of this? Swift agrees. During one of her recently Taylurking sessions, she came across the pictures, and re-blogged them over to her own Tumblr adding, “TIMELESS TWINNING.” Swift also mentions that the whole thing is “really cool,” and we’ve got to agree. Whether 1955 or 2015, this vintage look is never going out of style.

Better go ahead and make room in the Squad for Allison’s grandma.

(Images via Tubmlr.)