Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jul 23, 2015 @ 10:17 am

Can’t remember what you wore on your first day of college? How you felt when you had your first kiss? How cute your cat was when it used to be a kitten? Just Google it. That sounds like some out-there Back to the Future kind of futuristic craziness, but according to Quartz, Google-searching your real life experiences could happen sooner than you think.

Yesterday, Google explained how users could store, organize and search their life experiences by wearing a unobtrusive camera (using a product like Google Glass) that would record and send video to a server. The video could be turned on an off at will, but Google also suggested some kind of popular-place-detector (that’s the official term, I’m sure), such as a national park or monument, that would turn on the video automatically in order to store a memory it thinks could be important.

All these videos would be assigned keywords, so the next time you can’t fall asleep you can simply search “summer road trip” and be instantly transported back to the happy memories that you recorded.

What makes this different than making your own videos, uploading them to YouTube and reminiscing later is that Google wants the act of video-taking to be synonymous with just living your life. No holding a bulky camera or remembering to hit record — just go about your business and all the hard stuff happens behind the scenes, or behind the screens, in the case of Google Glass.

As of now, this idea is just a patent, so we have some time before it becomes a reality. It does make you wonder how something like this could change the idea of “real life.” While many people would argue that there’s the world of social media and the world of life outside, it seems like in the not so distant future, those two things could become one. But if you ever miss the old days, you’ll probably be able to Google them.

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