Olivia Harrison
September 10, 2015 8:00 am

Who says you can’t be a fairy princess and a rockin’ skater? Not us, but for any of you doubters out there, here’s proof. Seven-year-old Rayssa Leal can land any trick on her skateboard with the help of her tutu and fairy wings. Yes, you read that correctly: Rayssa is basically an amazing skateboarding fairy princess.

A recent Instagram video showed Rayssa trying out a heel-flip and, as with anyone trying something new, she struggled a bit at the beginning.

She didn’t let herself get frustrated though. After a few tries, she turned to her secret weapon: a pair of totally awesome, sparkly blue fairy wings.

The result? She finally sticks her landing. And she looked adorable doing it. It’s definitive proof that you can be feminine and fierce all at the same time, just in case anyone was still doubting that obvious fact.

These videos, which quickly went viral, are a good reminder that with belief in yourself and maybe a little magic, you can accomplish some big things. Even if you’re tiny.

Rayssa is our newest hero. Now if you’ll excuse us, we just need to go stock up on fairy wings for next time we’re faced with a seemingly-impossible challenge.

(Images via Facebook, here, and Instgram.)