Kayleigh Roberts
April 16, 2015 2:38 pm

Every once in a while (okay, about once a week), the Internet gifts us with something incredible and completely unexpected. You know, the kind of things you never could have imagined in your wildest dreams (or, in this case, maybe nightmares). This week, that special thing comes to us in the form of a giant, very (very, very) realistic cat head.

This amazing/horrifying piece of wearable art was created by Housetu Sato and his art students for an art exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. They constructed the very large, very realistic cat mask from felt wool and brought the world into a real-life Lisa Frank-esque state of being. Sato’s students posed wearing the cat head, you know, to illustrate…what it would be like if giant cat head people lived among us? It’s probably best not to overthink it. Check out the pictures for yourself below to see all the cute/creepy things Cat Head people can do:

Cat Head people can work on other kinds of cat-related art and they can strike adorable poses.

Cat Head people can wait patiently at a counter or stand like a full-on superhero.

Cat Head people can dance and crouch imposingly in corners. The crouching might be the most disturbing of all.

What do you think: Is this cat head super cute or just plan terrifying?

(Images via here.)