Kayleigh Roberts
Updated Feb 09, 2015 @ 4:07 pm

In totally ‘duh’ news that shouldn’t need to be shared (but, sadly, looks like it kind of needs to be shared): It’s a majorly bad idea to diss your job in public. Oh, and Twitter counts as “in public.” Teen and prolific tweeter @Cellla_ made this mistake so you don’t have to: She tweeted about hating her job and got fired for it. What makes @Cellla_’s cautionary tale so unique is that her not-so-sweet (and actually expetive-riddled, sorry guys!) tweet got her fired before her first day on the job.

Here’s the offending tweet:

Unfortunately for @Cellla_ (or maybe fortunately, since she didn’t seem super jazzed to be starting the job in the first place), someone passed along the tweet to her soon-to-be boss. Understandingly, he wasn’t too happy to read @Cellla_’s unflattering take on her new gig and he dusted off his old, rarely-used Twitter account to deliver his blow.

Even if the punishment (and wording) was a little harsh, @Cellla_’s boss illustrated a very valuable point: What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter.

Tweets are public and not a safe space for consequence-free venting. In fact, @Cellla_’s almost-boss was so offended, he even replied with a little venting of his own — mostly about how great the job would have been, had it not been tweeted away.

Eating free pizza sounds good. That definitely deserves a spot in the “perk” column.

But, for her part, @Cellla_ didn’t seem terribly shaken up by the whole thing. If emojis are to be believed, she actually laughed herself to tears over the whole ordeal:

Even if @Cellla_ doesn’t seem fazed by her super-public firing, it’s a valuable reminder that online actions can have real life fallout. Plus, with the Library of Congress saving every tweet we post, each and every 140 character mini-rant is around forever. Just a friendly reminder to think before you tweet.

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