Lilian Min
Updated Apr 02, 2015 @ 5:22 pm

Have you ever seen an image and been like, “Whoa, I’d love to use that pattern/color for my nails?” Well, your beauty prayer has been answered: Teen actress G. Hannelius has picked up the beauty entrepreneur torch and teamed up with nail company Minx to create Make Me Nails, a new app that allows you to create custom nail wraps.

The app, scheduled to come out this week, is basically the reason the *paints nails* emoji was created. Its premise and interface are incredibly simple, and boils down to 1) Take photos, 2) Upload photos in the Make Me Nails app, 3) Customize each finger with your aforementioned photos. Or, in the parlance of the app, Snap, Download, and Style.

16-year-old Hannelius is currently starring on the Disney Channel show Dog with a Blog, but her first foray into tech entrepreneurship is definitely worth checking out. Of course, it helps that she made us an adorable video about the app:

Seriously though, the possibilities are endless. Take an embarrassing photo of your BFF? Use her face as a decal on all of your nails (in good fun, of course). Can’t wait for your favorite band’s concert? Put all the band members or all of their album covers on your fingertips. Someone else at school started wearing your favorite color polish? Pick a totally unique design for yourself and bask in the compliments that’ll surely come in.

Even if you don’t do anything with your nails, Make Me Nails would make a fantastic gift for anyone who’s ever expressed interest in nail art, let alone attempted an intricate design. Watch a quick app tutorial below, and stay tuned for the app’s formal release!

(Images via here and here.)