Kathryn Lindsay
May 21, 2015 2:14 pm

Senior pranks are at their best when they bring the whole class together in a positive way. That’s what happened at this Arizona high school, where senior and YouTuber, Alex, who goes by FaZe Adapt on the interwebz, was one of many to participate in what looks like the coolest pillow fight of all time:

As Alex explains in his intro, this pillow fight came together on a whim. Everyone showed up, clad only in pajamas and with their pillows, not knowing what to expect. When it got going, it got going good. This pillow fight was crazy, and you get a first row seat to the action through the GoPro Alex was wearing on his head.

When they finished the fight, the antics still weren’t over. In order to recuperate after what looks like a lot of work, they all took their pillows to the ground and had a good old group snooze, something I wanted to do every morning of high school.

Eventually, the teachers came out and rounded everyone up for class, but the fun doesn’t have to stop! Apparently, the pranks are continuing all week, so you can follow along on YouTube—it looks like yesterday, Spiderman paid the school a visit…

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