Brace yourselves: ‘Frozen’ is about to invade your TV

It is very clear that we are living in the dawn of a new era. It’s an era where Disney’s animated musical mega-hit Frozen is our almighty overlord (but in a happy way, like a really great overload with songs that get stuck in our heads forever). We know that Queen Elsa and her sister Anna have already taken over basically everything we hold dear, from lunchboxes to bicycle helmets to Band Aids. Seriously, walk into your local toy store and just try to make it down an aisle without seeing something Frozen-related.

And it doesn’t stop there. Disney recently released an animated short called Frozen Fever that aired before the new Cinderella live action film. And if the short wasn’t enough to tide you over for long, you don’t have worry because Disney is working on a full-fledged sequel. It’s a good thing the movie was so great because there is no place to hide from the Frozen frenzy. According to Disney, the icy residents of Arendelle are even going to be invading your living room.

The studio recently announced that it plans to start airing Frozen across its various TV channels. Clearly, Disney wants to make sure everyone is ready for th highly-anticipated Frozen sequel (Seriously, when is it coming out?! This is torture!). This means that by February 2016, you can watch Anna, Kristoff and the gang on TV on ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. Having to wait a whole year is a bit of bummer, but we’ll let it go (sorry, it was just too easy). Although Frozen‘s beloved characters have already made their small screen debut on ABC’s fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, we cannot wait to watch this amazing Disney classic from the comfort of our couch. Just imagine it — snacks spread out on the coffee table, blankets to snuggle in, and no strangers to give you weird looks when you belt out every single song at the top of your lungs. Sounds like the perfect night in.

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