Emma Lord
March 24, 2015 1:02 pm

Ah, yes. It’s happening, slowly but surely. The underground group of Disney maniacs who have been plotting to turn the entire world into a three-dimensional Disney movie are finally starting to break ground, and this French Monastery that now looks almost identical to Rapunzel’s castle in Tangled is all the proof we need of the impressive progress they’ve made in 2015. You’ll basically look at it and then have to look down at your own skin and bones to make sure that they’re not animated too, because that’s how alike these two castles look.

To be fair, the Mont Saint-Michel, the monastery in question, was the first castle that Disney animators used to model the fictional kingdom of Corona in Tangled.  But achieving their ultimate twin-ness was no easy feat of nature, because ordinarily the Mont Saint-Michel is surrounded on all sides by a sandy beach. Now that a supermoon has caused the “tide of the century,” life is imitating art: the monastery has become every bit as much an island castle as the fictional one Rapunzel grew up in.

Pretty eerie, right? Especially when you consider that this is what Mont Saint-Michel looks like most of the time:

While the monastery is more than used to flooding (it sits half of a mile into a sandy beach), this current tide is remarkable in that it has entirely cut the castle off, including the bridge that leads into the mainland. Thousands of spectators gathered to watch the rising water, but let’s be real honest, guys: they’re probs just out there scouting the area for Rapunzel. Who can blame them? If I could take a portkey over to France right now, I’d be all about it.

As for turning everything into a real life Disney movie … first, Mont Saint-Michel. Then, THE WHOLE WORLD.

(Images from here and here and here.)