People are freaking out over this picture of Pluto

Houston, we have a cartoon character. We’re actually serious — one of Mickey Mouse’s best pals has been spotted in outer space! NASA has recently released photos of demoted dwarf planet Pluto and we can’t help but recognize familiar face, Disney’s Pluto the dog! No, Mickey’s four-legged friend hasn’t really moved his doghouse all the day to outer space, but new pictures taken by the New Horizons spacecraft show geological formations on the dwarf planet that look suspiciously like the cartoon canine.

The images (taken on July 11) show formations on Pluto’s surface that bear a strong resemblance to Pluto the dog’s famous face. The mixed areas of light and dark resemble the pooch’s long ears, black nose, and panting tongue. Don’t take our word for it, check out the pictures and you be the judge!

But the story doesn’t stop there. New Horizons made its closest flyby of Pluto on July 14 and released an Instagram-exclusive close-up of the dwarf planet’s surface. This is the first time humans have explored Pluto at such a close distance, and it will provide new information about the faraway and tiny former-planet. But the discovery we’re most interested in? Another Pluto the dog sighting! Check out NASA’s new pic of Pluto featuring Pluto (this time appearing in silhouette). Can you see it?

But Pluto the dog isn’t the only doodle recently discovered in our solar system. The New Horizons spacecraft has also discovered a light area of the dwarf planet that appears to be in the shape of a heart. The team has also identified a darker area on Pluto’s surface that bears a strong resemblance to a whale’s tail. To be honest, this just makes us more upset that Pluto was demoted from planet status. How can we deny planethood to the most adorable (and clearly the most animated) tiny world in our galaxy?!

(Images via here and here.)

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