Lilian Min
Updated Feb 10, 2015 @ 2:31 pm

Cape-wearing queen and low-key musical goddess Florence Welch is back with not just a new song and video, but also details about her new album, which can’t come out soon enough.

“How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” a heart-stopping, horn-blaring instrumental, dropped Tuesday morning. While it lacks Welch’s signature howling vocals, it features her dancing expressively with a double in the heart of the woods. (Sia’s influence or nah?)

As for the song itself, it clearly shows that Welch and co. aren’t straying too far from the lush, bombastic style featured in their first two albums, 2011’s Ceremonials and 2009’s Lungs. There’s always been a sense of wonder and expansiveness in their music, and given the fact that they’re playing a slew of festivals in the upcoming year, it only makes sense that their music is getting even bigger and badder (in a good way).

“How Big” is the first track off of album #3, but what about the rest of it? iTunes prematurely put up a banner advertising the new album today, which reveals that the name of the first single is “What Kind of Man.” Released at the same time was the following image — it’s currently the icon for the band’s VEVO page, but it’s unclear if this is the single artwork or the actual album art.

As for the rest of the songs, Florence + the Machine held a listening party on Monday, where they previewed the entire album for some extremely lucky people. While the complete tracklist is still under wraps, some individual song names are out: “Ship To Wreck,” “Caught,” “Delilah,” and the aforementioned “What Kind of Man.”

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more details as they come in, but we’re sure the album and upcoming tour will be worth the wait. In the meantime, if/when we’re consumed by the anticipation, we’ll just shake it out.

(Image via here.)