Lilian Min
Updated March 11, 2015 12:39 pm

Smartphone conversations are basically 50% emojis at this point, but our favorite expressive icons still haven’t conquered the laptop… until now.

An art and design team called Disk Cactus is behind the technology behind what they’re calling the first emoji keyboard. A combination of customized software and a super adorable keyboard cover, the emoji keyboard was born of a practical need — Disk Cactus’s name is actually made up of the disk and cactus emojis, and they found themselves struggling to type their name on their computers over and over again. Now, their quirky innovation is up for backing on Kickstarter, with order packages starting at $15.

You might think, “When might I ever need an emoji keyboard?” The better question is, “Why wouldn’t I install an emoji keyboard???” Search, copy, and paste emojis into group chats and Twitter messages no more: Activate emoji mode by pressing your caps lock (aka the sparkle emoji), allowing you to express your emotions in the full emoji spectrum. Fan favorites like the praise hands, the face blowing a kiss and of course, the smiling poop are all represented on the cover. Through different keystroke combinations, over 150 characters in the emoji “alphabet” are accessible.

The emoji keyboard system is currently only available for certain Apple laptop options, but if their Kickstarter gets funded, Disk Cactus has promised to bring emoji keyboards to the masses. We totally understand if you don’t “get” the emoji obsession, but it’s undeniable that these little pictures have captured the attention of, well, everyone who uses digital technology. Thanks to Disk Cactus, emoji lovers everywhere will be able to tell their haters, on every platform, to ✌

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