Remember Ed Sheeran’s lion tattoo? There’s actually no way you could forget his lion tattoo. He got it in honor of his three sold out Wembley Stadium shows, and it’s a GIANT picture of a lion’s face right on his chest. Then, if you’ll remember, there was a short period of time where it appeared as if the tattoo was a huge joke, because that’s how Ed rolls. But no, the tattoo is very much real, and very much inked on him right now, and now we’ve got a little more backstory for it.

Ed stopped by The Ellen DeEeneres Show, where he and Ellen not only wore matching adorable polar bear sweaters, but also discussed the meaning behind the infamous tattoo. If you’re up to date on Ed Sheeran Tattoo History, his tattoos all have some sort of meaning, usually symbolizing important things or people in his life. For the most part, the tattoos are on his arms, leading towards the center of his body, the chest. As for that lion, it’s the mascot of the English National Football Team that plays at Wembley, so why not get it tattooed on your chest?

Sheeran explained that it felt as if every thing in his life had led to him selling out Wembley, and the lion tattoo “is like every part of my career put into one.” So, the middle of his body is the perfect spot for it.

After pictures of the tattoo hit social media, it wasn’t really met with backlash so much as confusion. But hey, you do you, Ed, and if you want a giant lion on your chest for selling out Wembley, GO FOR IT. Besides, as he tells Ellen, “I think it looks cool. I don’t really care if anyone else does.”

If Sheeran loves it, we love it, too, and love the meaning behind it. Check out the video below for his tattoo discussion, stay for that really great polar bear sweatshirt.

(Image via YouTube)