Emma Lord
Updated Apr 15, 2015 @ 10:20 am

If somebody said to a crowd of people “Raise your hand if you love Disney princesses,” mine would go up so fast that I’d probably unwittingly give about six people black eyes. It’s not the kind of fandom you love halfway — you’re either not interested, or you’re SO ALL IN that people are a little alarmed by your enthusiasm. But even the most diehard princess fans can appreciate the fact that Disney movies, as charming and wonderful as they are, have a tendency to be a tad historically inaccurate (no, YOU’RE obsessed with a talking dragon). It’s all for the best, though, because all of these tidbits are brought to light in a hilarious reinterpretation of Disney princesses, a stage show called “Disenchanted”.

The show currently runs in New York, and features all of your favorite princesses, led by none other than Snow White. But unlike the classic Disney princesses we’ve come to know and love, this new musical gives them an opportunity to put the sass in sassafras. It gives all of the princesses reimagined and hilariously realistic personalities, and when these updated, much more outspoken versions meet each other, the hilarity only gets more and more out of control.

“The writer of our show, Dennis [Giacino], he was a history teacher,” said Michelle Knight, who plays Snow White, in a statement to CBS2 in New York. “And he noticed that in the tales that were being presented through the Disney movies that things like Pocahontas were presented very differently than the way that history actually provides. So he wrote some really fun takes on the reality behind the princess stories, the real fairy tale princesses.”

The show promises that even the most dedicated Disney princess fans will appreciate the show’s humor, which pokes fun at all of the unlikelihood of the princess’s story while still appreciating their truest and strongest qualities.

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