belle aurora

It’s no secret that the Internet in general has gone a bit Disney princess crazy.

And, of course, by “a bit,” we mean a lot. Reimagining Disney princesses is nothing new. In fact, it’s become such a popular trend that it’s a wonder there are any new ways left to imagine them.

But Tumblr user Bev Johnson has managed to do the seemingly impossible and reimagine the princesses in a really fresh, amazing way. She drew the princesses to look like regular teens, which we love. A massive amount. Because most (if not all) of the Disney princesses are, in fact, teenagers. That’s easy to forget since they look more like twenty-something beauty pageant contestants than your average high school student. Even if that average high school student wears glass shoes or hangs out at the library with her (literally) beastly boyfriend.

Bev’s versions of the princesses are still beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. But there’s something grounded and realistic about them that’s missing from even the other “Disney princesses as ~real~ high school students” reimaginings we’ve seen in the past. Because let’s be clear, it’s not that the basic idea of this art set is innovative, it’s Bev’s incredible execution of it that has our jaws dropping.

So let’s see what some of our faves might look like if we passed them in the hall at school or at the mall, because these actually look like girls you could meet in the real world.

Elsa and Anna

This Frozen-themed drawing is awesome because Anna and Elsa seem like they have a typical teen sisterly dynamic. I mean, look at Anna. She just worships her big sister. Elsa’s tolerating it. Sort of. But hey, at least she’s keeping her irritation in check so the world doesn’t plunge into a perpetual winter or anything. I hate it when that happens.

Belle and Aurora

Book-loving Belle has always been my spirit animal. And, of course, I just love her here. But you guys…Aurora’s hair! Can we talk about it for a minute? Not only it is one-hundred-percent completely on-trend, but it’s also a clever homage to the dress in the animated version of Sleeping Beauty that changes color when the fairies can’t agree on pink or blue.

Remember this? (Of course you do.)

Aurora probably couldn’t decide on blonde or purple, so she dip-dyed it. Obvs.

Cinderella and Pocahontas

Cinderella looks distracted. I think she’s probably wondering where she left her shoe. (Check the bleachers.) I’m really digging Pocahontas’ turquoise jewelry, but she seems like she really misses her furry bestie, Meeko. Not that we blame her. He’s pretty awesome.

Ariel and Jasmine

This one cracks me up. Poor Jasmine. Super bubbly Ariel looks like she hasn’t stopped talking since she got her voice. Jasmine’s expression just seems to say enough already.

Merida and Rapunzel

If these two went to the same high school, you just know they would totally be contenders for Best Hair. I’ve always adored Merida’s tumble of red curls, but she seems to have a little hair envy here. Or maybe she’s just irritated because Rapunzel bonked her on the head with a flying pan in Home Ec class. But major fashion points to Merida for her thigh-high bear boots. I want those. Bad.

(Images used with permission from the artist, Bev Johnson. Check out more of her artwork at her Instagram and Twitter pages!

Sleeping Beauty dress image via Disney.)