Rachel Paige
May 24, 2015 12:12 pm

If you’re anything like me, you’ve more than likely spent hours of your life staring at hairstyles online, and then spent even more hours of your life trying to recreate them, right? A million bobby-pins and three cans of hairspray later, my hair looks nothing like the pictures on the Internet. At least I tried.

Well, Bustle writer Summer Arlexis didn’t just try out some new hairstyles, she actually succeeded in accomplishing them. She’s taken to recreating iconic Disney Princess hairstyles, and her results are amazing. Not only that, but Arlexis has Senegalese twists in her hair, and she’s able to pull off up-dos just like Cinderella, Snow White and Bell. Now she’s giving me major hair hope to achieve my hair dreams, too, as she’s clearly just proved princess hair can be achieved without a fairy godmother.

“On a normal day, I’d probably think there was no way I could imitate Disney princess hair. I usually don’t enjoy styling my own hair, plus none of them were exactly rocking Senegalese twists like me. Then I thought, why not?” Arlexis writes on Bustle. She’s also added a crown for the full princess effect, of course. Check out her Snow White, Belle, Aurora, and Tiana:

BuzzFeed also caught up with Arlexis, and she explained to them that her goal was simple, she just “wanted to prove that these styles can work on all hair types. You don’t have to have golden locks like Rapunzel or waist level tresses like Jasmine to be a princess.” So true. Just look at how she’s recreated Elsa with her Senegalese twists. So simple, so easy, and so pretty.

You can check out Arlexis’ full hair tutorial over at Bustle, and we’ve got to echo her closing thoughts: “By the way Disney, no pressure or whatever, but feel free to make a new princess with braids whenever. Us girls with braids and twists want to have a little fairytale fun too!” You’re already a Disney princess in our eyes, Arlexis.

(Images via here.)