Lilian Min
March 19, 2015 2:31 pm

Photobombing your sister, showing off a pair of killer shoes, getting the right pose for a mirror selfie — all hallmarks of the art form known as Instagram. We scroll through countless variations on those themes (and contribute our own takes on them, of course), but what if Disney characters got in on that action?

Artist Simona Bonafini thought that too, and unlike those of us whose art talent extends just to stick figures, she actually drew the idea out for her “Selfie Fables” series. We’ve featured her amazing Disney Instagram illustrations before, and now she’s back at it with magical new additions to the world of Disney social snaps.

Anna photobombs her sister — careful; while most big siblings would snap at you, tread lightly around someone who can literally freeze you:

Jasmine and Aladdin are that couple, down to the hashtags:

Cinderella naturally takes a gorgeous shoefie, but needs to step up her emoji game. This is exactly why the diamond emoji exists:

Gaston keeps vying for Belle’s affection, but let’s be real, the only person he truly loves is himself:

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