Rachel Paige
Updated May 19, 2015 @ 3:37 pm

Once upon a time, Disney had the idea to bring all our favorite princesses together. Not for just a photo op, and not for anything like a parade, but instead a movie. Yes, a Disney movie featuring all of the princess — ALL OF THEM — together in one giant princess movie movie. The movie is called Princess Academy, but sadly, we’re probably never going to see it.

So this once upon a time, Disney was trying to bring back hand-drawn animation. Director Oliver Ciappa along with illustrator David Kawrna and known Disney music guru Alan Menkin teamed together for this new princess venture. Stepping away from the the CGI and 3D that’s dominated movies as of late, they wanted to return to Disney’s animation roots — no computers, just someone sitting at s desk, drawing characters.

“We wanted to create a very artistic, classy, but also very funny hand-drawn short,” Ciappa explained to MoviePilot. It also would have not just included all the princesses, but many female Disney characters — including the likes Perdita, Megara, Violet, Sally, and Maid Marian.

Sadly, Disney shut down its hand-drawn animation department before the project was fully realized. Princess Academy was shelved indefinitely, so now we’ll just have to imagine what it would have been like to see all these princesses interact together.

However, just because it’s no longer a movie doesn’t mean we can’t spend hours obsessing over the concept art for it. There’s also not much plot to go off of, but from the looks of it, ALL the princesses would have attended this same academy, that looks like the the theme park destination of our dreams. What kind of princess lessons would then learn? Did they have princess dormitories? I NEED TO KNOW.

The goal of the movie was to combine all animation techniques into one. So, CGI and hand-drawn princesses would be hanging out together like it was nothing. “It was my goal to try and keep the characters on model and as recognizable as possible out of respect to their original designers and animators,” Ciappa continued.

Are you majorly bummed about this lost princess movie, too? Now it’s the only Disney princess movie I want to see. Considering that Disney just learned that two princesses are better than one (ahem, Frozen), maybe it’s time to grab Princess Academy off the shelf.

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