Christina Wolfgram
Updated Aug 27, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

These days, Taylor Swift seems to hold the monopoly on uber famous friend collaborations, but Demi Lovato recently enlisted the help of a celebrity squad of her own to announce fresh details for her new album. Here’s what we found out: The album is called Confident, it’s due to drop this October, and also J. Lo and Demi are friends, which means all is right in the world.

J. Lo joined super stars like Nick Jonas, Kim Kardashian, and Hailee Steinfeld on Twitter to reveal the name of each track on Confident. This season’s poolside anthem, “Cool For The Summer,” will be the second song on the record, following the title track. Demi teased the new music in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that while “Confident” and “Cool For The Summer” are the album’s sexiest songs, most of the tracks, “are very soulful.”

Confident Demi is our favorite Demi, so we are already chomping at the bit to hear these new tunes. It’s hard to tell what each song will be about based on just the names, but here are some educated guesses: This will probably be your new favorite getting ready for school/family dinner/da club.

If “Cool For The Summer” is any indication of how amazing the rest of Confident will be, then … omg. Don’t tell ya mothaaa!

Hmmm … “Old Ways” could either be about getting over an ex or those Friday nights when you just want to stay in and knit.

These titles are so mysterious! Maybe this one’s a ballad about the selfless things we do for the people we love, like “for you, I would wake up before 7am;” “for you, I would shave my legs;” “for you, I would wait to watch the next episode of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.”

Oh, this has to be about Game of Thrones, right?

Please let this music video have tons of crowns in it.

Um, perhaps the world is finally getting a song about waiting for your little brother to stop hogging the bathroom so you can straighten your hair before school. (Demi’s idea is probably better.)

This song is most likely not about wildfire cycles and their effects on mountainous ecosystems. Maybe about burnin’ love?

This would be the perfect titles for a diddy about Luna Lovegood and her amazing Gryffindor mascot hat, but it’s probably about bravery. Or a successful animal-to-human heart transplant.

A song answering the question of whether or not we are excited about Demi’s new album …

Oh man, this is a tough one. Could it be a dad remix? Whatever that means.

This one’s a toss-up between celestial beings and a night out in Hollywood.

Oof. Even though it would be a dream come true for this song to be a tribute to “Kemi’s” friendship, there’s a chance it’s about California business tycoon, Howard Hughes — a very, very small chance.

October cannot come fast enough! These track titles are so enticing. Also, to top it all off, Demi shared Confident‘s cover art and it is — woowee! — spicy.

(Image via Instagram.)