Christina Wolfgram
June 25, 2015 12:30 pm

Do you ever daydream about being a pop star: recording albums, going on tour, greeting fans, dealing with paparazzi, and eventually taking over the world? Well, pretty soon you will be able to do all of these things … while sitting on your couch.

Demi Lovato announced that she’s teamed up with mobile game developer Pocket Gem to create a “choose your own adventure” game for iOS and Android phones. The app doesn’t have a name yet, but we are already calling it Amazing – it obviously will be if Demi is involved.

According to Billboard, users will be able to join Demi on tour, develop their individual music careers, and eventually work towards becoming world-famous musicians. The game will include snippets of real Demi recordings (squee!) and will feature a lot of the singer’s personal experiences working in the industry. She’s put her two cents in about her avatar’s dialogue and costume changes, and she also served as a consultant on an avatar for her adorable dog, Buddy. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering if players will have any say in what amazing candy color Demi’s hair will be next (in the game or IRL, I’m not picky).

Billboard also reported that Demi’s debut game will be coming at a good time. Mobile gaming is growing super rapidly in the USA.

Wow! That’s a lot of dollars and a lot of lady gamers. It’s cool that female celebrities are taking the time to develop awesome (and addicting) games that girls really like. Kim Kardashian has already achieved huge success from her wildly popular app, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, and rumor has it that Katy Perry might be working on a mobile game of her own.

A release date for Demi’s game has not been announced, but we’ll just be over here waiting patiently with our App Store open and ready for downloading. Can’t wait to virtually hang out with her (and Buddy, duh).

(Images via here, here, and here.)