Updated Mar 08, 2015 @ 10:58 am

Last night, we lost an hour of time. When you woke up this morning, it was an hour later than it should have been and all because of a little thing called Daylight Savings Time. It happens twice a year and we are currently on the terrible end of it. The little rhyme to remind you how it works is “Spring forward, Fall back.” Meaning that in Fall, it’s great and we’re gifted with an extra hour of sleep or studying, but in the Spring, the clocks go forward an hour, robbing us of sleep and time that we desperately need.

We know it’s a pain and we’re completely with you. These GIFs are every reaction you’re going to have to the latest Daylight Savings Time change:

When your alarm goes off, you’re all like:

When you realize you lost an hour of sleep, you’re like:

What you see when your dad makes a dumb joke about Daylight Savings Time.

How you feel when your Mom says, “Someone seems grumpy today.”

The moment of panic when you realize you have one less hour to work on the paper that’s due Monday.

When your best friend comes over happy because she’s morning person.

When all you want in the world is a nap that you can’t take.

At least there’s some light at the end of the tunnel: Even though today isn’t the best, the trade off is an extra hour of sunlight every night. So, grab your besties, grab some Starbucks, and start planning all the fun stuff you’re going to do this summer in the extra sunshine!

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