Kathryn Lindsay
Updated May 02, 2015 @ 11:17 am

The next time you get good news, give Robert Green’s mom a call. Robert, a dancer and choreographer, auditioned and was chosen to tour with Taylor Swift, so he called his mom to let her know. He got her absolutely amazing reaction all on camera:

First, it’s just a lot of screaming. Both mother and son dissolve into tears for a good minute or so before they’re able to get out any words. Robert explains that he had gone to the audition the day before, but didn’t let her know. He got the call telling him he secured the spot just moments before he reached out to his mother. In return, Robert’s mother tells him how proud she is, and continues to express how grateful and amazed she is for the remainder of the video. It’s seriously heartwarming.

Tay herself tweeted about the video, expressing how happy she is that she gets to work with such dedicated performers:

Robert Green has a Twitter and YouTube channel, where he posts videos of his dancing and choreography. After giving it a look through, it’s no surprise that he was picked to dance alongside the country queen of pop. Do you think he’d teach me a dance that would get me a free ticket to the concert? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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