Emma Tyler
Updated Apr 22, 2015 @ 5:38 pm

Spring has officially sprung. This warm weather and sunshine has us wishing we could just frolic all day in a meadow somewhere. That’s why this carefree canine is truly our spirit animal. This dog is not just adorable, he is also a borderline genius. This four-legged frolicker has discovered the secret to the perfect spring day. This pup has had enough of the 9 to 5 grind and is so over grueling days at the dog park, he just needs to let loose. So for a quick cool down, this furry friend hops in a fountain. When the fountain sprays water into the air, this dog cannot even contain its excitement. He starts jumping around and tries to catch the spraying water in his mouth. It is magical. Please do yourself a favor and watch for yourself below. Just try to stop yourself from smiling (its actually impossible).

This dog embodies joy in its purest form. Even the pup’s owners can’t stop giggling. We don’t understand how they were able to resist jumping in that fountain themselves. This amazing video is proof that the recipe for true happiness is simple. It is just dog plus fountain equals sheer bliss. We should all take a lesson from this pooch, because he truly has life figured out. Sometimes we all need a day of the leash to just enjoy the little things. After all, life is ruff.

(Image via here).