Lilian Min
February 18, 2015 5:00 pm

If students are supposed to learn by example, Reddit user Nate100100’s art students are going to grow up to be the next Michelangelos of the world.

“Nate” is a Wyoming-based middle school art teacher, and when he’s not busy teaching his students about depth and color theory, he’s putting his teachings into practice — by turning his chalkboard into a canvas. Forget Hangman or stick figure diagrams; he’s putting chalk to chalkboard and creating dramatic images out of dust.

After uploading several of the semester’s drawings onto Reddit, Nate explained his choice of the chalkboard medium: “There is something kind of nice about knowing that it will be erased. I don’t fret over supplies, paper, whether or not I should keep it… Kids see it and then it disappears.”

An art teacher creating ephemeral art for his students just to inspire then? Excuse us while we get the tissue box. Fostering creativity by example: he’s doing it right. Or in his own words, “A lot of responses when I first started were along the lines of ‘Did you draw that?!?’ I would hope their art teacher knows how to art.”

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